Why Use an Adviser

To Transfer or not to Transfer, that is the question.

Why bother, what are the costs, is it worth doing, cant I do it all myself on line anyway?

As an adviser if we cannot add value to a clients pension then how can we justify our existence. Our aims are not just to offer tax efficient effective advice but also offer hints and tips on the most suitable investment options.

What are you currently invested in? Bonds, With Profits, European Equities?

Are you currently up to date with investment trends? Should ou pull out of your US equity exposure and put more into UK or European stocks. Do you need to chase that extra 2% instead might it be wise to go for a less risky fixed interest or bond exposure. A small 0.3% saving for  DIY investment can all be lost with an unwise investment that may have dropped 6% in the last year.

2016/2017, was a great year but all funds and stocks were doing well. The smart money is made when times are tough, do you pull out of the market altogether, did you come out when Brexit happened? Have you even got time to keep on top of your investments on a full-time basis?

Have a look at some of our case studies and this will help give you an understanding of how many of our customers have benefitted from financial advice.