Planning a wedding? The Insurance that can protect your big day…

Not as beautiful as the venue, not as tasty as the cake and certainly not as eye catching as the dress, but just as important and essential than any of the other components: Wedding Insurance.

Wedding Insurance is becoming more and more popular among consumers however is still not deemed a necessity, with a report by Datamonitor claimed that only 25% of couples in 2017 currently take out insurance cover for their big day meaning that a staggering three quarters of all weddings have no financial protection.

In this blog we start to ask the question why not? With the average UK wedding totalling more than £20,000 can you really afford not to have cover in place? Any other financial committment of this size insurance would be deemed vital even if its only a short period policy. I mean you wouldn’t leave the country without travel insurance would you?!

Covering a range of sections from cancellation and expenses to public liability all as standard we can take a look at what the top 10 claims on wedding insurance are:

  1. Bankruptcy/liquidation of dress supplier.
  2. Bankruptcy/liquidation of caterers
  3. Bankruptcy/liquidation of venue
  4. Bankruptcy/liquidation of other wedding suppliers
  5. Loss of wedding photography
  6. Damage to bridal attire
  7. Adverse weather preventing majority of guests and couple reaching the venue
  8. Death/injury of family member
  9. Death/Injury of bride or groom
  10. Marquee damage

Unfortunately this gives you an idea of what is essentially most likely to go wrong in the build up to/on the day of your wedding, Fortunately however this gives you a good understanding on what you could be covered for.