Transfer my Barclays Pension Scheme


If you are a member of the Barclays Pension scheme you are probably getting offered a large transfer value to leave the scheme. This is by design, the scheme is currently going through a de-risking process and the Barclays Pension Scheme Trustees are looking at ways to reduce liability for the scheme. Obviously if they can reduce the membership of the scheme then this is scene as an instant win.

The Trustees have also seen scheme deficits decrease, this has been primarily borne by a rally in bond yields and a slight fall in pension expectations. In real terms this has meant that the schemes have more money and can offer better transfer values to members. See here.

Barclays members have certainly seen a favourable increase in their pensions transfer values of late. This increase has led to more enquiries from members who are thinking of transferring their pensions.

As with any enquiry we perform increased due-diligence to ensure that any member first of all understands exactly what they are giving up when going for a transfer. Get in touch if you want to discuss your transfer.