What to do in the current market?

The markets have taken a hit over the last few weeks and it’s a very nervy time for people. The key is to essentially do nothing, yes it may take some nerve and its always a tough call to ride out such a storm.

We are in the worst of it right now though, the media is making a real noise about things at the moment which is having a big affect on things.  Markets are valued not just on sales figures or turnover but a large proportion is on market sentiment and I personally believe the market is getting hammered due to the media. That is not to say this is not serious, it really is and we are very unsure right now of what is going to happen. That uncertainty is leading to the large market sell off and the markets going the way they are. Once we have a cure (which could be weeks or months away) and we have stopped the flow of the virus as in China then I do believe the markets will start to come back.

Yes it may take a few months to get back to Jan/Feb figures but now is not the time for a big sell. Human nature is to sell when things are going bad and buy when shares are up but really we should be doing this the other way round.

That all being said if you feel you want to sell right now then we can facilitate that, be warned getting back in at the right time is a tough call and you have to be prepared to miss out on some market gains.

Please call or email me if you have further concerns but pensions are for the long term so we are going to have some bumps on the way but for now lets see how things go and hope the ride is not too bumpy.