What to do in the current market?

The markets have taken a hit over the last few weeks and it's a very nervy time for people. The key is to essentially do nothing, yes it may take some nerve and its always a tough call to ride out such a storm. We are in the worst of it right now though, the [...]

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Transfer my Barclays Pension Scheme

  If you are a member of the Barclays Pension scheme you are probably getting offered a large transfer value to leave the scheme. This is by design, the scheme is currently going through a de-risking process and the Barclays Pension Scheme Trustees are looking at ways to reduce liability for the scheme. Obviously if [...]

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Hargreaves Lansdown – costs broken down

As an Adviser who often gets asked to ‘transfer to my Hargreaves Lansdown SIPP’ because my portfolio has been returning 15 to 20% per year for the last 5 yrs at minimal costs’. I salute your stock picking and don’t doubt that you have used extensive knowledge to pick the portfolio you are in but [...]

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Can I leave my British Steel Pension?

If you are in the British Steel Pension scheme, then you know you have some serious decisions to make..... They are outlined below; 1 - Do Nothing, stay in the scheme. The expectations are that the scheme will go into the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) in the not to distant future. What does this mean [...]

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Final Salary Transfer…. Just transfer my money!

I assume you know what a Final Salary or Defined Benefit pension is. Perhaps you are reading this because you have been given a transfer amount and you would like to know what this means to you. A big pot of money under your own control may seem a lot more appealing than a known [...]

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Planning a wedding? The Insurance that can protect your big day…

Not as beautiful as the venue, not as tasty as the cake and certainly not as eye catching as the dress, but just as important and essential than any of the other components: Wedding Insurance. Wedding Insurance is becoming more and more popular among consumers however is still not deemed a necessity, with a report by [...]

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Under-Insurance: How could it effect you?

This Diagrams shows the lines of business most likely to suffer Although a pretty self-explanatory term, this particular issue within the insurance industry is one that has been growing consistently throughout the last decade. Insurance can be defined as a risk transfer mechanism, allowing the consumer complete piece of mind that if anything were [...]

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Why Use an Adviser

To Transfer or not to Transfer, that is the question. Why bother, what are the costs, is it worth doing, cant I do it all myself on line anyway? As an adviser if we cannot add value to a clients pension then how can we justify our existence. Our aims are not just to offer [...]

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