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Final Salary Pensions

These are hot topic right now, large transfer values are leading many people to explore a transfer from a scheme they would have otherwise never even thought about moving from.

Getting the correct advice is paramount in these circumstances, it’s obligatory anyway so it’s essential that you speak to someone who understands what you are wanting to do and can help you decide on whether a transfer is a good decision or not.

Let’s have a chat first, this is worth more than many hours of your own google research, you will get honest, reliable and experienced feedback on whether it’s worth even pursuing this. We can then talk about the process, costs and what can be done.

Moving a Defined Benefit pension is often not a good idea, there are many instances where we will not proceed with any advice if we feel its not in your best interests. We act as advisers and not order takers, so if you want to cash in a valuable pension to invest in a business or do something that could leave you with nothing in retirement then we wouldn’t advise you did a transfer. Or you want us to just sign a form saying you have had advice then please do not be insulted if your email request is not responded to.

We also ask that you provide a suitable time and phone number for us to contact you on, an initial phone call saves lots of time and will help us both understand whether working together is going to be possible.

CALL US or arrange a call back here.