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Financial Advice is all about an adviser selling a pension, ISA, Life insurance, mortgage etc etc, right?

Well we don’t see it that way.

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What is your one Overriding Financial Objective?’.

Maybe it’s paying off the mortgage, putting the kids through University, retiring in the Sun, retiring early.  And how is that plan going?  Have you got a plan for it, what is it going to cost?  When will it happen?  How will you do it?

Maybe your pension is returning 7% and that’s the goal you have set for it, what will it mean if you return 5%?  Will that ruin all your plans, do you even need to achieve more that a 2% or 3% return.  Why are you even risking money at all?

Many advisers or wealth managers will aim for that certain return but why? How will your life change if that certain return is not met or how will it be enhanced if it is met?

We feel that Proper Financial Planning is about you and your family’s life goals, the plan is to achieve the life goal and your finances should be set up in such a way that you can do that.

A £786,490 transfer value of 38 times his final salary, age 58 married with 2 grown up children, one still at University.


Single, looking at retiring early and exploring the world. Has been offered £384,000 transfer value and wants to know what this means.


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